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Santa getting rid of Naughty Kids
Posted by: basco, 2013-12-23, 00:00 - 10 comments

Dust and Sun 2 Cheats
Posted by: basco, 2013-11-29, 00:00 - 4 comments

If you guys are having trouble completing Dust and Sun 2 or just want to wreak havoc towards your enemies then the following cheats will help you just do that.

On the mission select screen type in the following cheat codes below

rum for your life - become invincible!

gun crazy - Unlock all weapons early in the game

oh i see - unlock all missions

goodbye earth - 99 dynamites!

You should hear an explosion when you entered the cheat correctly.
Watch Sniper Assassin Zero Trailer
Posted by: basco, 2013-11-24, 00:00 - 4 comments

Watch the trailer of Sniper Assassin Zero - the long awaited prequel to the popular flash game franchise, Sniper Assassin. Meet the cast of Sniper Assassin before their glory days and discover how Shawn became the legendary crack shot that he is.

The game will be soon available on the apple appstore and google playstore!

Sniper Assassin Intro Music
Posted by: basco, 2012-10-03, 00:00 - 0 comments

I've been receiving a lot of email, whispers, comments about the intro music on Sniper Assassin series.

The first Sniper Assassin was released way back 2007 and after millions of game-plays people still wants to know who did that awesome intro music.

Well to answer your question, the intro music of the Sniper Assassin series is the intro part of the song
Gargoyles Angel of Darkness by the band Rhapsody

Listen to the full song here

This song is soooooo awesome! If you liked the song I would also recommend listening to Steel Gods of the New Apocalypse  --> freaking sweet!

I am really glad that people loved the music that I picked for Sniper Assassin, the next Sniper Assassin won't be using this music though... why?? Its because Shawn cant shoot no more. :D

Keep on playing our awesome shooting games and sniper games peeps!


New game on the works!
Posted by: basco, 2012-10-03, 00:00 - 0 comments

I am currently working on a new shooting casual game. Its been a while since I created a new game. Things has been very hectic with the new website and all my work at Gonzo Games.

Now that the new portal is now up, I am really happy to see new members signing up every day! I was thinking of new awesome stuff to add here in the portal so you guys will have more fun. I will also add more guns to the list, right now I uploaded hand guns and I guess the guns are not really that affordable.

Anyway the new game that I'm working at is an archery type of game, but instead of shooting at apples and targets you shoot down the tormented souls of the dead! Sounds interesting huh? I am planning to release the game this week so... hang tight, keep on playing our awesome Sniper games and our friends shooting games and keep on rocking!

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